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"Design is far more than our physical surroundings, it is the thread that connects us to people, communities, nature, and the world at large."


Welcome to the Premier Edition of Elysian Collective’s editorial journal, where we invite you to join us on this adventure, participate, and share.  We always encourage the sharing of thoughts as we open this space as a place for  dialogue and discoveries.  Our journal is a collection of inspiration, design conversations, and highlighting stories from our makers and global travels.  Come along on this collective journey!  



Elysian Collective is an assembly of designers, artists, thinkers, and creatives founded on the principle that each and every collection piece evokes a feeling of intrigue, engages the senses, and conjures up memories and moods. We are a designer led business, which informs every aspect of our offerings.

Formed around a deep appreciation for the evocative power of the rare and the beautiful, the gallery’s distinctive offerings are embodiments of the ethos. Elysian Collective is distinguished by its Founders’ intuitive curatorial approach, which is guided by a deep resonance for materiality and form, construction and technique, and uncompromising quality.

Thoughtfully chosen by hand from around the world, our home decor designs are rooted in time-honored methods, enduring aesthetics, and a reverence for history and cultural traditions.

The soulful touch from a maker’s hand. Traces of ancient methods and memories. Our collection of textiles, rugs, art, accessories, and objects beckons you to explore the stories that evoke your senses and connections.  From Argentina to Portugal, Mexico to Spain, every story brings forth intriguing details and intimate memories that captivate and connect. We invite you to enter a world filled with these stories, eloquently told by the objects themselves – captivating, thought-provoking. And ready to become a part of your own. 



"When we speak of the power of the rare and the beautiful, we mean far more than the power of their physical presence. We believe an extraordinary object can cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection to people and our surroundings."  

Through their combined experience in luxury Hospitality Interior Design, Jamie and Michael, the visionaries, and Founders, seek to always challenge perceptions.  They believe our environments are a rich, sensory experience that beckon us to explore - whether it's the way materials are combined, the tactile textures, or the visual patterns they create to stimulate our minds.  It all culminates into a sense of discovery for the details and stories that connect us to our surroundings. 


The two developed an instant bond over their mutual values and passions working as Interior Designers in New York City. They have collaborated closely with a range of artists and manufacturers around the globe, deepening their appreciation for regional materials and the ancestral techniques that have been passed down for generations.  

The female duo shares their love of travel, culture, and impeccable design sense by joining forces to highlight these traditions and collaborate with talented makers to bring a new narrative focus to their creations. With meaningful relationships and authenticity at the core of Elysian Collective, the team is dedicated to the ethical treatment of artists, and desires to provide a platform which supports their work and livelihood.  They believe that the objects we select for our spaces not only enrich our lives, but also those of the makers. 




At Elysian Collective, the entrepreneurial Founders are re-thinking the idea of what a gallery space can be, envisioning a new way of how our customers can interact with our beautiful products.  A way to activate a sensory experience to incorporate sight, touch, smell, sound, intuition, and emotion. 

More than ever, we believe human interaction and sensory experience are critical parts of enriching our lives and adding a meaningful layer.  The team is developing an innovative future for Elysian Collective’s Gallery, designing a concept for their vision of expanding the online gallery into a physical space, a creative collective.  

With their extensive experience in luxury Hospitality Interior Design, they are imagining a multi-functional hospitality gallery space to enable customers to experience the handmade designs in a personal, intimate way.  

Through collaborating with the creative community, the space will showcase artists' work in a compelling and expressive way, including, but not limited to, private dinner parties, creative classes, and design talks.  The Elysian Collective Gallery will provide a space to grow, learn, immerse yourself in experiential design, and propel innovative ideas forward. 

Photography by Kara Marie Collective, Headshots by Paige Newton 


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Editorial Journal of Elysian Collective, a gallery and retailer for high-end home decor and art.  

We encourage the sharing of thoughts as we open this space as a place for dialogue and discoveries. Our journal is a collection of inspiration, design conversations, highlighting stories from the phenomenal makers, and stories from our global travels.  
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