Behind The Scenes: Elysian Collective Explores Oaxaca, Mexico

Behind The Scenes: Elysian Collective Explores Oaxaca, Mexico

Expertly Made. Ethically Sourced.

Extraordinary Finds from the Latest Sourcing Trip.

Oaxaca is a magical and scenic place; a rich tapestry of history, culture, art, architecture, and culinary traditions found exclusively in this region!  Our Founders, Jamie and Michael, had the unique opportunity to explore this fascinating locale while sourcing for the Premier Collection. Throughout the sourcing trip, they were able to discover and meet with local artists to learn more about the people and artistry of the region; from traditional handicraft that spans generations, to up-and-coming designers borrowing from these traditions to re-interpret ancient methods into a contemporary language.  Each maker they met has a unique story to tell—and we feel honored to share their history, the process of their creation, and the hands their designs passed through along its journey to you! 


The Premier Collection is a celebration of earthy elegance rich with texture, exemplified in the exquisite textiles, rugs, throw pillows, and natural clay vases handmade in Oaxaca and carefully selected to bring the beauty of the region to your home. Oaxaca’s deep history in craft and cultural richness is showcased throughout the Premier Collection, along with the impactful stories of the makers that shine through. 

Image: Clay Vases, Handmade in Oaxaca 

ELYSIAN COLLECTIVE invites you to enter our world filled with these stories, eloquently told by the objects themselves, as we bring you along the journey to hand-select the collection, expertly made, ethically sourced.

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Located on the southern-most tip of Mexico, Oaxaca finds itself uniquely situated on the trade route between central Mexico and Central America.  Today, the state boasts the largest number of working artisans in Mexico, producing a wide range of products that continue to grow and evolve. The handmade designs are highly specialized by community, with each family developing their own style, allowing for a wonderful diversity within each technique.  The motifs and symbols are strongly influenced by the indigenous communities of the region, and local materials have a great impact on what can be produced. 

Image: Natural ingredients from the earth used to dye wool yarns

A visit to the families in Teotitlan del Valle to collaborate with the artists who've mastered weaving wool area rugs was a one-of-a-kind and intimate experience.  Nestled in the central valley, it is a region known for deep and enduring traditions inextricably linked to the worldview of its people, history, and social hierarchy.  The intricate process of preparing the yarns, then weaving with the pedal loom is a physically demanding one, which with great patience of the artist, produces some of the most stunning and wide-ranging patterns. Traditional dyes for textiles are 100% natural and sustainable, including the cochineal insect which produces various shades of color used to dye yarns.  It is spectacular to experience this in person. 


Elysian Collective Founder Jamie Williams in Oaxaca, Mexico sourcing rugs

Image: Elysian Collective Co-Founder, Jamie Williams

This sourcing trip offered an enriching opportunity to speak with the makers to hear their stories and view intricate pedal loom production techniques first-hand that are almost unchanged from pre-Hispanic and colonial periods.  Our expert Interior Designers, Jamie and Michael, are on the ground continually searching for the rare and beautiful with their refined eyes to bring straight to you.  Their depth of knowledge from these experiences further enables them to hand-select extraordinary, pieces and focus on meaningful design that supports these cultural traditions and the artisan’s livelihood. Their established network of resources has been carefully built with knowledge and luxury design expertise.   

Elysian Collective Founder Michael Brown
Image: Elysian Collective, Michael Brown

"We have a profound respect for the people and hands involved in all aspects of design, and the ethical treatment of artists.  It is our strong desire to change the way people think about their relationship with objects and art they choose to be showcased in their spaces" - Jamie & Michael

Through cooperative and thoughtful collaboration, contemporary designers are aiding the evolution and protection of one of the world’s most enduring trades.  Javier Reyes, a Native to Dominican Republic based in Oaxaca, is an exciting emerging designer that our team has had the pleasure to partner with to showcase his brilliant, contemporary patterned rugs

Image: Handwoven Place & Space Flatweave Rug

Our rug collection features one of Javier’s flat-weave area rugs with a custom color specifically for Elysian Collective.  The design utilizes natural dyes from various ingredients found locally: indigo, native flowers, tree bark, nut hulls, pomegranate shells and dried cochineal that live off the cacti.  Handwoven on a pedal loom by Zapotec weavers, every piece is distinct, born of a synergistic collaboration between artist and maker!

Explore & Shop the Collection of OAXACA DESIGNS

As we look to bring the beauty of these rich cultures to your home, we reflect on the communities and traditions that make these offerings possible.  It is our mission to honor the people and processes behind our collection, and look to bring the transformative power of design, texture, and color into your spaces.  Thank you for joining us along this adventure to Oaxaca, more travels and stories to come as our collection grows! 

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