Pair of Vaso Organico Liso Sculptures

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Vaso Organico liso is an elegant vase in repurposed cardboard by Domingos Tótora. A smooth, matte surface and earthy tones as well as an organic shape characterize the designer’s work and are witness to his extensive experience in object design.

The main resource used to create these masterpieces is repurposed cardboard. These pieces continue a characteristic theme in Tótora’s work, a theme of sustainability, of exploring ways to produce objects with respect for our environment. Tótora reduces the cardboard to a semi-liquid pulp, hand molds it into the desired shape and dries the almost finished product in the Brazilian sun.

The earth in the area around the Studio Domingos Tótora is coloured brown and red, an element of nature which is reflected in the colours of his designs. Totora’s works are sculpted by hand, and thus one-of-a-kind. His products are strictly for indoor use.


Vaso I: 10.5"W x 7"D x 17.75"H

Vaso II: 12"W x 10"D x 19.5"H


These pieces continue a characteristic theme in Tótora’s work, a theme of sustainability, crafted with repurposed cardboard. Terracotta in color.


Domingos Tótora (1960-) was born and raised in Maria da Fé, a city in the mountainous region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. After studying design in São Paulo, Tótora returned to his home town and chose cardboard as the source material of his work that falls between art and design. The undulating landscapes, waterways, and rock formations of his surroundings inspire his life's work as a sculptor of curvilinear furniture and objects of art.

Nature is an essential part of Tótora’s aesthetic. Being true to nature means that imperfections are a welcome part of Tótora’s designs, embracing asymmetry and unevenness in the spirit of wabi-sabi. Following his studies in São Paulo, Tótora found inspiration on the streets in the form of discarded cardboards. Domingos Tótora' passion for nature and authenticity compelled him to conceive a fascinating and laborious process that emulates the cycle of life: he created a process in which cardboard can be recycled by breaking it down to small pieces, transforming it to cellulose plaster. With the addition of water, glue and natural pigments, the cardboard can be shaped into new forms. Through this sustainable process, waste cardboards are turned into a wood-like material.


For Indoor Use Only


Available To Pre-Order. This Artwork is Made-To-Order By the Artist in Brazil. Note a 12 Month Lead Time To Produce.


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