Brazilian Soapstone Quinteto Sculptures

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Form and materiality take center stage with these sculptures, born from the image of a musical ensemble. Soapstone is skillfully milled into graceful geometric shapes that form a harmonious unity despite their differences in shape and size. Decorated with brass elements, the interplay between contrasting materials creates an intriguing juxtaposition of masculine and feminine.


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Quinteto No. 01: 7” DIA x 10.25”H
Quinteto No. 02: 4” DIA x 10.25”H
Quinteto No. 03: 4” DIA x 14.5”H


Brazilian Soapstone, Brass Decorative Accent - Soapstone is a natural, delicate, soft, and porous rock. The color of soapstone can vary from a gentle beige to bright blue, silvery grey, and even warm pink tones. Darker color veins run through the stone forming a unique pattern to each piece.


Tatiana Queiroz is a Brazilian designer based in Minas Gerais, a state with plentiful soapstone quarries. She started her creative journey as a jewelry designer, and over the years developed an interest in object design. Tatiana translates natural soapstone, a locally sourced natural rock, into a universal, timeless, and contemporary design language, adding brass ornaments as a finishing touch. For her, everything is a matter of scale: it changes form and function, occupying body of space, leaving a distinct personality in its wake.


Scratches can be easily removed by gently sanding and polishing the area with a fine grit sandpaper.


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